Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Couple New Creations!

Hello! I am here, just been hibernating a bit! The weather continues to be SO COLD but the sun has been out now and again, and temps are supposed to hit the high 30's this weekend! I am so excited!
I got the grand idea to try to crochet edgings on some dish towels as a gift that I wanted to give a dear friend. I picked up some towels yesteday, red and white as this is a Valentine's Day gift. I searched the net high and low, found some good instructions, consulted the experts (Lisa Renea and 2 peas) and this is what I came up with. This is a prototype, to try to find what works and what doesn't...I used one of my own kitchen towels for this trial run. Turned out pretty good! So now, I have to take the plunge and begin the real ones! I am excited about how the example turned out. I am like a crazy woman when I decide I want to "conquer" a new project. It drove me nuts til I figured out German paper stars. I sat for HOURS watching Youtube videos on dial up to learn how to crochet. Not to mention how many times I bugged people for help! Again last night, I was OBSESSED with figuring out how to do this on a towel. I couldn't stop or do anything else til I had figured it out. Then once I got it, the high was gone, and I went to bed! How stupid is THAT??
I also made another dish cloth. I know, I know...I can't help it! The yarn is so pretty, and they are so fun to make in front of the TV by the wood stove at night! This one is fairly simple, but is a really tight crochet, and I *Think* this is gonna be a good study one for dishes. I don't like the loose ones that stretch to twice their size after a few uses. This one actually alternates between a single crochet, and a double crochet, every other one. It looks really neat! I am getting WAY better at the single crochet edging, too.
Last but certainly not least, look at what I stumbled upon in a back corner of Wal Mart yesterday?! I am not a HUGE fan of expensive scrapbook albums. I know what I like, some post bound ones are okay, but I really like D-ring ones, too. What usually happens, is, that I get so many pages ahead, that they lay around in protectors for weeks/months before I buy a new album and fill it. I am never ahead of the game with albums. None of my albums match, they are all different, goofy, colorful, and whatever I liked at the time. While I was browsing the craft section yesterday at Walmart, in the very back corner, on an endcap, by the shoe department, I saw a whole bunch of these albums! They were all covered with dust, and looked like they had been lost in storage for years! I know, they are not pricey, but for $10.00 I love them! I do not spend a whole lot on albums. They had this black one, and a brown one, too. They have the cute buckle, and a handle! They are Provo Craft, and they have the cute luggage tag, and a storage zipper on the back side. I was so excited! I know these are probably old news, usually everything I discover is old news, but I LOVED them!
So that is it from the frozen North for a frigid Thursday morning. I have my Valentine's almost complete, but am hesitant to post them, as I do not want to spoil the surprise for anyone who looks at my blog! So I will probably hold off on those until THE day.

I am off to mix up a triple batch of sugar cookies, and a double batch of spritz cookies. Sweets are needed for Cody's bake sale tomorrow, and for a dear friend's SU! workshop on Saturday!
I will post my finish product!
Have a blessed day,


JudyB said...

Wow! You gave us alot to look at all at once! That is cute with the edging on the dishtowels! And, I love the colors of the washcloth...and that scrapbook!! So, that is a D-ring scrapbook? I will have to check out Walmart to see if I can score me one of those...I love it!!!

Lisa Renéa said...

SCORE on the albums! In one of my travels somewhere, I've seen these same albums for thirty bucks. No kidding-I thought they were FAB-until I seen the price. I'm with you-no set color/standard on the albums-love D rings. That some great hookin' your doing! LOVE the towel!super cute and glad you got it figured out. I'll go through my books and see what patterns I have.

Sandy O said...

WOW, those are fantastic for masculine scrap books! Personally I would love it for myself. How unique it is. Great find