Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Items in THE COUNTRY LIFE Shop

I have added some new items in my Etsy Shop. Click HERE to check them out! Any feedback would be appreciated. I did have my first sale! Hooray!
I will be adding more in the weeks to come. Keep checking back!


Donna Layton said...

Hi Keri:)
I'm so glad you opened an etsy shop. It looks wonderful!

pwnmom said...

Nice etsy shop. I LOVE the Mom's Brain notebook -- with 5 kids I think I sometimes need something like that, but I would probably lose it. lol! Good Luck (and congrats) with the shop!

glitzen said...

That's adorable! I'm a pink and brown fiend! Love it!!!

michelle cook infantino said...

cute stuff.

just wanted to tell you i used the mascara yesterday and really enjoyed it. it's not gooey or heavy and it separates the lashes. i like that! i've never tried brown before. just always went for black. i like brown better. i'm fair and it just looks more natural.

thanks again!

Hannah-Cherie said...