Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cards for Heroes

You may remember, a while ago, I posted a segment with a link to a youtube video-regarding Cards for Heroes. It was so inspiring to me, that I planned a Cards for Heroes Card Making Party, at my church. I have quite a wide circle of stamping and crafting friends and family, and I knew it would be a good idea for us to hold a party.
The party was a week ago, and did we ever have fun! We had almost a dozen women in and out through out the 6 hours that we gathered, and we have a grand total of 275 cards to send to the heroes! It was a very fun, and fulfilling day for us all.
Here are a few photos from the day--

An arial view from the stairs of everyone's big mess!
Diane and Peggy in the background, and my Mama sitting in the foreground, at the table she and I shared!!
Val, Maddie, and Stephanie!
Diane, Peggy, and Lisa--
Here is SOME of the finished product!
We all made such a huge mess, and had so much fun! We all chipped in and brought different things for lunch-we had subs, chips, drinks, and desserts--it was such a nice day! I highly recommend that anyone who has a group that they stamp with--PLEASE get together and hold one of these events...You will not be sorry. I also have it on good authority that donations have kind of slacked off this spring, and there are still troops all over the world that would love to have cards to send home to their loved ones!
Please support our troops and remember what they sacrifice to keep us all safe and sound.
I will be posting some of the cards I created to send to the troops, in the days and probably, weeks to come, so come again!
Have a Blessed Day!


Sandy said...

Keri what fun!!! Thanks so much for posting the pictures...and thanks for helping out our heroes!!! Hugz!

glitzen said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had, and the cards are GREAT!! Such a great idea too.

Fabre said...

I am so excited to get these beautiful cards to send to our heroes! Thank you to all of you, and especially you Keri for organizing this event! It is a TON of fun to get together and do something for a good cause! Thank you for donating these to Cards for Heroes - we appreciate you!!!!

Marcy said...

Love your CFH card! Congratulations for participating in such an excellent cause. Best of luck!

Marcy Kaminski