Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I know, I know...better late than never, right??

Okay, well everyone knows about my recent job loss. So I picked up a side job painting at the camp grounds--did I share that? I have some photos to share, of the camps that I was hired to paint. Maybe I will post them tomorrow? Anyway, after almost 3 weeks straight of painting these camps, I got done, just in time to move down to camp and stay for a week and a half. We had wonderful church services and I worked each and every night at the snack bar. It was a great time! The painting job was an answer to prayer for me, being currently unemployed!
We arrived home yesterday around noon time, and I immediately got a call from an interested party concerning daycare (pray!) and shortly after that, our newest family member arrived..Say hello to Humphrey..


Humphrey was born on Saturday night, and his new home is in our backyard, for the time being. He is a bull calf that Peter's cousin so generously gave Cody. He is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, he is an escape artist, and he got out first thing this morning. When Peter got me up to help him get Humphrey back in, I stepped on a bumblebee getting out of bed! So I limped out to corral Humphrey...I have been on the phone catching up most of the day, and have not even got dressed yet!! Sometimes that's okay, right?
So, we are home, and I am going to focus on enjoying these last few weeks of summer, and getting my Etsy shop back into shape...Thanks for stopping by!


glitzen said...

Oh MY, such adventures! Humphrey is a cutie pie, we used to have calves when i was growing up. I got too attached though, and when it was time to butcher I was such an emotional wreck my parents took me to stay for the weekend at my cousin's house! LOL. I'm such a baby when it comes to loving animals.
Good for you on the camp jobs! Sorry about the bumblebee! :) Take care!

Babsarella said...

Keri, So glad to hear about your painting job and the timing could not have been better. Love your adorable new pet. He sounds like he could be a handful. Hope you have lots of fun wiht him!!

JudyB said...

OMG, can I have Humprey for a week? I have to say, it sure brings out the farm girl in me to see a calf and a bottle!!! But, then again I don't have to buy the milk replacer! Boy, he is cute and you shouldn't kid yourself about him being a steer. Cody will still have him in 10 years.....love it!!!