Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Handcrafted Christmas...

We got the greatest surprise on Christmas morning! My younger brother made everyone some beautiful handcrafted gifts this year!
The first gift was this great towel/cloth drying rack to go by my kitchen sink. It is made out of hardwood, and protected with Tung oil against wetness! It is perfectly made, and I just love it! It is very simple and has beautiful lines. And above all else, useful!
Our second gift was this gorgeous handcrafted trinket box. It is made of reclaimed redwood, and reclaimed pallet wood. There are no nails or screws, and it was done completely with a table saw. Every single line, and angle matches up perfectly! The lid slides open and closed, and even has a feature on the end of the lid where it "locks" it into place. It is coated with protectant, and is so perfectly smooth and shiny! I just love it. I love both gifts, not only because they are beautiful, but because they came from the heart!
I think I may have my brother talked into making some stuff for me to put in my shop! I think the towel racks would be a good seller, as he can produce them quickly and they are very versatile-something everyone can use, and they would be a great gift for the hard to buy for person! I may also make up some dish cloths to include in a package deal.
SO--he is quite the talent, right? I am impressed, but I am also very biased! Totally cool!
Have a great day, and thanks for checking in!


glitzen said...

Those are wonderful gifts! I love wood, in all forms and colors and shapes! Good idea to have some in your Etsy. :)

JudyB said...

These gifts are great! Useful, personal and handmade! I always marvel that we all have such unique God given talents! What if we were all good at the same thing?