Saturday, January 02, 2010

Peace...Harley's Last Christmas...

A layout I completed yesterday of a pic of Harley from last Christmas. HER last Christmas, little did we know. She *loved* to lay out in Peter's trophy room under the tree, or just sit next to it and look out the door. She also hated to have her picture taken so every photo I have of her, was either taken while she was distracted by something else, or not paying attention to me! I tried to keep it simple-let the photo speak for itself.
Paper is K & Co., snowflakes are felt cut outs from SU! Letters are chipboard Buzz and Bloom, painted green.
Well, here we are, vacation is almost over! I have a few more decorations to take down, but I am really not feeling it today!! The chicken coop needs to be cleaned, too, but I am not feeling that, either. I am only feeling COLD right now!
Have a great day!



Brenda is SO Blessed said...

beautiful-- such peace in this photo. Sorry for the loss of your dog-- we lost one of ours this year too. i may have to "borrow'one or two of your ideas


Allison said...

Such a pretty the image and the sentiment!

Just Me said...

Wow, Keri, you have been on a roll everything!

JudyB said...

Great job with all of these layouts! Do you think some of my "problem" is using only SU!? I never thought it was an issue, but I love how you combine all of the companies!