Saturday, May 02, 2009

Daddy Catches Up!

So regular season opened yesterday--with not much luck. This morning Peter and Cody were up at the crack of dawn and behind his Mom's house in Churubusco waiting for the birds to come off their roosts. They were home by 7 am with ONE bird in hand. Peter got his, Cody did not. I don't think Cody's eyes were even open to see where he was shooting!? Peter got this nice very mature Jake-almost Tom. They were both very pleased, and Cody is currently sacked out on the couch back asleep!! Teenagers!!
Here is my man and his trophy!
I would also like to add that they always follow safe hunting practices and Cody has taken all required courses by the state, to be out hunting!

NOW!! I am pleased to state that I had two sales in my Etsy shop this week! I painted two custom house number slates for Etsy customers this week! I am very pleased, and it has done a lot for my confidence! I have added a few new slate styles to the store, and there will be MUCH MORE added in the next month or so!
Have a Blessed Saturday!


glitzen said...

nice bird!
good job on Etsy stuff. how fun!

JudyB said...

Love your new photo at the top of the blog. BTW, do you eat the turkey?

JudyB said...

Love your new photo at the top of the blog. BTW, do you eat the turkey?

Lisa said...

Hey, girl! Tell your hubby I said "congrats" on the Jake! WOW - he looks so big! Eeek... LOL Birds scare the bejeebies outta me! Especially the BIG ones! LOL

And great job with the Etsy shop! Way to go, that is so cool!

Hey, I left you an award on my blog... absolutely no pressure to play along, just wanted you to know that I was thinkin' about ya and that you're awesome! XO