Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Goodies

Here are a few things the make Easter, Easter at my house. The commercial side of Easter isn't as fun as it used to be when Cody was little. We don't even make Easter Eggs anymore! He is happy to get his basket and pig out. Of course, there is always the ton of treats he gets from both of his grandmothers! Someday, I wish we could have a sunny, 65 degree Easter. Doesn't look like that will happen again this year! It isn't even supposed to hit 40, and we got 2 inches of snow that is still on the ground from Thursday morning. No cute spring dresses to wear to church here....Slacks and a sweater all they way! So, I digress....Here is a shot of my Easter village--which I just managed to put up this week...I got most of it from LTD...I put it on a base of astroturf, and sprinkled teenie eggs and carrots all over the ground!
These are couple of hand painted bunny items I cut out and made a few years back. I got the patterms from a book I got at Michael's.

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