Monday, April 09, 2007

Fine Art ATC

As a member of an MSN group, we do mingles about once a month. This month the theme was fine art, which I knew literally nothing about! One artist I am familiar with and really enjoy is Norman Rockwell, so I went with him. When I found this picture while searching online, it immediately reminded me of my friend, Annie. Seemed like she was this kind of kid in school, and she has since confirmed my suspicions! I kept it very simple--using just cardstock, photo turns, and the alpha stamps are Purple Onion Designs. My mingle "go to" was Carolyn, but I sent one to Annie, too! They both enjoyed the ATC, and Annie took the ribbing well!
Hugs, Keri


Tracy said...

this is A-dorable - LOVE IT! and she does seem so annie-like doesnt she :-)

tina said...

Too too cute!!! :)