Friday, April 13, 2007

A Little Senseless Chatter....

Here I sit, on the 13th of April, and it is snowing. A year ago, it was in the 70's, and it is barely 35 today! This is getting mildly depressing. We usually get the whole yard raked during April break...that is not happening this year! Our April break in almost done, and I have not even touched a rake! The daffodils are up about 4-5 inches, so I hope they withstand the forecasted NOREASTER they are calling for on Sunday!!
I did THE stupidest thing on Tuesday. I thought since I was off work that I would go help my Mom stock some shelves and pack some bags at the food shelf. We served 13 families that day! While leaving, I remembered that I had to talk to my Pastor's wife for a minute, and when I left their house, I somehow managed to not get my hand out of the door in time. I suffered a loss of three fingernails, two fake and one real. Ripped that ring finger nail right off, down to the cuticle. So here is my question. The acrylic overlay is still on it, and there is no way that is coming off..but it really hurts when I bump it. Will it come off the rest of the way by it's self, or will I have to cut it off?? Mind you, I did manage in all the chaos to pick up the two acrylic ones I knocked off, and glue em back on...there is vanity for ya!! So I may have a new nail by CHRISTMAS!! I am so clumsy!! Excuse any injury related typos, by the way!
Last but not least, my sister in law is getting married two weeks from tonight!! It is Peter's sister, she is two years older than me. But we all know what weddings outfit!!! Do you think with all my travels the other day, I could find something I liked?? NOPE! Nothing seemed to be my style, the right color, and since when does flab look twice as flabby in the changing room mirror?? I finally found some tan slacks, and a white shirt, and some brown sandals (that I can wear inside my snow boots!!) Then on to wedding hair. I have been coloring said hair with Natural Instincts 16RG Sedona Sunset for years, those darned grays! But lately the locks have gotten a little long and droopy. I have an appointment on Monday afternoon--nice when your best friend is a beautician!! But I have NO IDEA what to do with it. I know she won't cut it short, and I don't want it short, but I need some style to it. I have a few layers, but my hair has always been somewhere b/t straight and curly, and it is so limp and flat. Anyone got any good sites with hair style pics??
Well, I guess that is it for now. Sometimes I just need to get stuff out that Peter could care less about. You guys got it all this time round!! Have a good weekend! Love, Me!


Tracy said...

OUCH - on the nails (i have no advice to offer unfortunately - i dont have any nails!) and i hear ya on the snow... you've been hammered this year sweetie! we are expecting wicked rains (they thought maybe snow but it looks like we'll end up with just rain - like a flooding torrent!) and i hate shopping for wedding clothes - ugh. the hair - i suspect just a good cut - just taking off a few inches - will help spring your hair back up - all the length drags it down - i know it does for me (you're got straight hair too right?) and then you can do whatever with it :-)

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL, changing room mirrors are scientifically designed to make your self esteem lower than dirt!! We could make a fortune by inventing special mirrors that really flatter, and some decent lighting wouldn't hurt either!

Sorry to hear about your nails, that sounds painful! As for hair, I just had mine cut last week - told the stylist to do whatever he wanted, it was very freeing, it's much shorter, lots of layers. I figured it was time to relax and let the professional call the shots, it's just hair, it will grow back, right? Good luck with your haircut!