Friday, March 20, 2009

Cards For Heroes

My friend, Lisa Renea, has been making cards for Cards For Heroes, for years now...I am ashamed to say, I have never made ANY!! She regularly posts on her blog about the organization, and recently posted info about a video regarding CFH. To visit LR's blog, {{click here}}. To visit the Cards for Heroes website, {{click here}}, and to see the 3 minute video about Cards for Heroes, {{click here.}}
After watching the video, and seeing the photos, I immediately started to plan a get together of all of my stamping friends, a card bee, to see how many cards we could make and send off to CFH. I haven't pinpointed an exact date yet, but the informational flyer is already being made, and I hope to hold the bee in the next month or so! I am so excited!!
Have a Blessed Friday!


Sue McGettigan said...

Great idea Keri! I also admire LR's consistent card making for CFH, she's a bit of a hero herself!

glitzen said...

awesome! I am going to go visit the website and look into this. My girls made Christmas cards for soldiers, but through a different organization. I think this could be the motivation I need to get my stamping stuff out and going! What a great cause.

glitzen said...

OH, we visited the website and I had the girls watch the video with me. We decided to do Mother's Day cards in school on Monday. They are looking forward to it.

* lisa * said...

WOW! Thanks so much for this nice treat! The video is amazing, huh?
I actually came over to wish you a Happy Birthday, and discover, I'm receiving the blessing today! Thanks for participating!!