Monday, March 30, 2009

A Few Birthday Cards...

I rec'd so many birthday cards, that I will have to split this post up into two sections! One today, one *hopefully* tomorrow! This is the wreath that I rec'd from JudyB. She made it! It is so gorgeous, and the flowers look SO REAL! It is hanging in my kitchen!
And this is the card she made for me, and sent along with the wreath. I see some SU! Big Shot dies in my future, after seeing this card!
This is the card that Peter made for me! I came home from church, and there it was! I had a momentary lapse of a heartbeat, thinking of him digging through my "stuff" but it went away rather quickly when I realized how sweet and out of character this was for him!!
This is the card my friend Peggy made for me. She says she feels intimidated when she has to make me a card...I think she is nuts...I love the card, and the much work!!
So that is part one of my birthday goodies..tune in for more very soon!
Have a blessed Monday!


JudyB said...

I love Peter's card. He got a little braver than Scott when Scott did this for me a couple of years ago. Ribbon and flowers, you go Peter!!! Love it!!!

glitzen said...

Those are wonderful cards! I'm in the mood to stamp too. I just feel like diving in....woo hoo!

* lisa * said...

I love Ted's card! I still expected some camo & turkey feathers! LOL How sweet that he took time to sit down and create such a treasure!

Babsarella said...

WOW! More great cards!!! So awesome that your husband made you a card too!!