Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Favorite Things, Part 2!

In honor of a couple of new items in my ETSY STORE, I thought I would share another one of my favorite things, and give something away!! I added two sets of scrapbook embellishments to my shop this morning, and I hope you go check them out! I do want to add that I hope to have paypal up and running by the weekend! Here is a sneak peek:

Today's favorite thing is what I used to make my latest Etsy Item. Cuttlekids dies! Although made to work in the Cuttlekids Machine, they also work in the Cuttlebug machine, and the animal ones are SO CUTE!! They are so cute to use on cards, scrapbook pages, bookmarks, etc. The one I have to give away today, in honor of Favorite Things Day, is Xavier the Monkey. If you are interested in taking Xavier in, to your home, check out the give away instructions below the pic!
If you want to be entered in a drawing for this set of Cuttlekids dies, which will work in the Cuttlebug-leave a post, and tell me in that post, the name that my family uses for my dear Grandmother, who is now in the nursing home. She is doing well, by the way--readers inquire about her often-despite 3 quarantines at the nursing home this winter, she has evaded sickness so far!!
I will take comments until Saturday night, and post the winner on Sunday, March 8th.
Have a great day!


Jeanne said...

Hi Keri! I'm guessing since you are close to the "border" that you call your Grandmother "Meme" or "Memere"...that's what I called mine. Stay warm---Spring is right around the corner!

glitzen said...

Very cute! Hate to post and run but I am getting ready to leave for a scrapbooking retreat weekend. Yippee!

JudyB said...

Hello! I believe that you refer to your grandmother as Omi. I could also be dilusional...but, we all ready are aware of that! I love those little paper clip embellishments that you are making!!