Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early Birthday Gift...

I got such a nice surprise in the mail last week! I will be 34 on the 22nd, and some online friends of mine got together and sent me a care package full of goodies to learn needle felting! The craft has kind of taken over our online group, and the little animals that are being made are just adorable! I was responsibly trying to NOT start this new craft, as my room is already busting at the seams, as is my brain--from learning beginners crochet last fall, and the upcoming knitting lessons from my Mom..(HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN, MA!) Not to mention the added expense when Cody is going through all this oral surgery/orthodontia mess. Leave it to TINA and ANNIE to enable me to in the quest. They thought I would be great at it, I HAD to try it, and they HAD to be the ones to get me the supplies. Well, the box was a welcome sight on a less than stellar day, and I so appreciate their generosity!! ENABLERS!! You can click on their names to visit their blogs. Tina has a HUGE love for bunnies, like me--in fact, that is how I first met her years ago, before we even belonged to the same online group. I saw a bunny stamp she had used an hunted her down and made her tell me where she got it! LOL! She has some cute felted items on her blog, and in her Etsy store. Annie just learned how to knit a sweater in a weekend, and she also does some gorgeous freehand drawing on her cards...Check em out!!
I am putting the finishing touches on my first felted project, and I will post it soon.. I also have a second project in the works. So THANK YOU very very much, Annie and Tina, for you generostiy, it is so very appreciated!!


Have a blessed Thursday!


tina said...

I can't wait to see all the things you'll make! :) Needle felting is addicting, I really think you'll love it, and I know you'll be good at it!

glitzen said...

Oh felting is soooo neat! My friend does it with the wool of her sheep. So cool.
Cannot WAIT to see your project! (I love bunnies too, we have two!)

* lisa * said...

Very cool goodies! Enjoy!

glitzen said...

Oh felted stuff is so darn cute! How exciting to learn how, and to have all the materials. What a great idea for a gift!
Cannot wait to see your projects! :)

Annie said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. And I was totally excited coming up with this little surprise with Tina. It makes me soooooooooooo happy that you are please. Now get busy. I also need to take the plunge. Have the stuff, just haven't had the guts to try yet.