Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Okay, so it is LATE but it technically still IS St. Patrick's Day, so here is what I wanted to share with you today! Better almost late than never, right?
Here is my St. Patrick's Day card for 2009. I made about 10 of them. I always like to keep St. Pats cards simple for some reason. The color is garden green from SU!. I stamped the base with a linen background stamp, although it is hard to see in the pic. I punched a window hole through the bottom corner of the card front, and embellished it with other punch outs to kind of "frame" the window. I stamped the clover from Purple Onion Designs on a smaller punch on the inside, and colored it with prismacolors and sansodor. I used crystal effects to give it a raised up, shiny look.
Now here is my latest entry on the "how stupid could one person possibly be" list....I made 9 dozen shamrock sugar cookies on Saturday...Yeah...I did....I have to feed the whole neighborhood, half the church and my family, ya know...I do have to say, they were SO GOOD! You can find the recipes back in the Feb. 2009 entries. I even used tiny clover sprinkles on some of them!!

So there you have it. My contribution to St. Patty's, '09. I do have to add that I had my first ever corned beef tonight, and it was pretty good!! I ate it while in a steamy sugar house, covered in mud, sitting on a school bus seat, with a can of root beer between my knees, but the green mac and cheese and the green beans that went along with it, made it the perfect meal, no matter where I would have eaten it! Cody and I helped collect sap tonight, the old fashioned way, and I think my body is gonna be rebelling very soon if I don't get to bed!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


glitzen said...

Wow, you did it up good! I wore a green shirt, green earrings, and a green necklace...but only because my girls promised me a pinch if I did not play along! LOL.
Your cookies are gorgeous! Card is super cute!

JudyB said...

Great cookies! Now, my post of 3 dozen seems pitiful!!! You have outdone me again!!!! Hope that you have survived the sap collecting! Excellent source of exercise!